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Implants – The Denture Alternative

If you are ready for a dental restoration that is predictably durable, then it may be time to consider the Prettau® Implant Bridge. Fabricated from zirconia, the Prettau® Implant Bridge is the most durable and natural-looking solution for patients suffering from missing teeth. To learn more about the benefits of the Prettau® Implant Bridge, contact the Buffalo Prairie Dental Care office in Quincy or Keokuk today to schedule your consultation with Dr. KJ Sturhahn.

A Truly Permanent Solution

Professionals in the dental field use the word “permanent” quite often to describe tooth replacement therapies. Unfortunately, even the highest-quality porcelain is not durable enough to endure decades of use. Because porcelain is a porous material, it is prone to chipping, cracking, breaking, and interfering with the health of the surrounding teeth.

Alternatively, the Prettau® Implant Bridge is made of incredibly strong, non-porous zirconia. Under laboratory testing conditions, this material can withstand far more pressure and has higher tensile and flexural strength than any other dental material. Prettau® Implant Bridge patients do not have to worry about the structural integrity of their restoration being compromised over time. Additionally, although zirconia is durable enough to predictably last a long time , it possesses a lifelike look that mimics natural tooth enamel.

The Prettau® Difference

Some of the reasons why more and more patients are choosing Prettau® Zirconia over porcelain include:

  • Durability: Patients will typically over time have to return to their dentist to have their porcelain restorations repaired or replaced. Fortunately, zirconia is so strong that it is resistant to chipping and fracturing, which will save you time in the dentist’s chair.
  • Stability: Prettau® Zirconia has a higher degree of bending strength than porcelain. This key advantage of the material helps to ensure the stability of the restoration, even against the toughest bite forces.
  • Longevity: Buffalo Prairie Dental Care is so confident in the longevity of the Prettau® Implant Bridge that we offer a full five-year warranty on the  Prettau® bridges
  • Resistance to Staining: In addition to its strength and durability, zirconia is resistant to stains and discoloration. This means that with proper care your restoration can look as beautiful and natural in ten years as it did on the day it was placed.
  • Improved Oral Health: Unlike acrylic and other materials used to fabricate implant-retained dentures, zirconia is resistant to plaque buildup.
  • Biocompatibility: For a porcelain restoration to provide optimal strength, it needs to be fused to a metal alloy typically containing nickel which may cause tissue irritation in some patients . In contrast, Prettau® Zirconia offers unrivaled strength in a highly biocompatible material that contains titanium as the only metal.
Investing in yourself with an implant supported Prettau bridge is a wonderful way to likely increase your quality of life, self-confidence and comfort. For the cost of a new car you have the opportunity to likely eliminate the discomfort, annoyance and low self-esteem frequently associated with traditional dentures which are loose, bulky and uncomfortable. Contact Buffalo Prairie Dental Care to schedule a consultation with Dr KJ Sturhahn to discuss the Prettau process as well as to discuss the various payment options we have available ranging from a cash discount paying in full to the option of spreading payments out over time so that affording Prettau is as easy as affording a new car. If you would treat yourself to a new car or truck, then why wouldn’t you treat yourself to a confident, rock solid smile with an implant supported Prettau bridge?!?!
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Dentistry Within Your Budget!

Quality dental care is within your reach at Buffalo Prairie Dental Care. We offer a variety of options to help you achieve your perfect smile, with payment plans that are easy, and affordable.

Visit, call, or view “Payment Options” and we will be happy to explain our available options. We will help you get on the road to a great, healthy smile.