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Dental braces have come a long way since they were invented in the 1800’s. Today, patients are privy to many tooth-straightening options, each of which offers different benefits. Currently, the most popular types used include:

Traditional Metal Braces

These are traditional metal braces although they are much smaller than in years past.  Metal braces are by by far the most affordable of the teeth straightening options and use a system of brackets and wires to move the teeth over time.  The new nickel-titanium wires allow us to typically move teeth faster than we could years ago and with much less discomfort as the new wires are very flexible and apply a slow gentle force to the teeth as opposed to the very rigid stainless steel wires used in the past. With this system, we have a very predictable result that is not only significantly less costly than Invisalign, but frequently it is actually faster than Invisalign too!  Included with your braces are your first sets of retainers which are fabricated by Invisalign and are clear without any wires!  In addition to including the first sets of Invisalign retainers, we also include teeth whitening meaning that for one price, we get your teeth straight, keep them straight and get them as bright and white as possible!

Invisalign Clear Aligners

This modern orthodontic treatment is highly popular among adults who want to straighten their smiles discreetly. Invisalign orthodontics is a system of customized plastic trays that are worn day and night, with the exception of when a patient is eating, brushing and flossing. The invisible trays are switched out every couple of weeks until a desirable result is achieved.  While Invisalign is great choice,  it is sometimes slower and less predictable than traditional braces as well as more costly.  Much like our traditional metal option, Invisalign treatment also concludes with fabrication of Invisalign retainers and whitening all included in the original cost!

Ceramic Braces

These braces work like traditional metal braces, except that the brackets bonded to the teeth are made of ceramic. They are the same shape as metal braces but are clear or tooth colored.  These braces are larger than their metal cousins and the teeth are moved at a slightly slower pace.  Much like the traditional metal braces and Invisalign, treatment with the ceramic braces includes the first sets of Invisalign retainers as well as whitening!

Dentistry Within Your Budget!

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