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Root Canal – Post Op

It is possible to experience any of the following symptoms after any of these appointments:

  • Sensitivity to hot and/or cold
  • Sensitivity to pressure
  • Possible swelling

If you experience swelling, please call our office immediately as additional medication may be required.

One common occurrence with a newly root-canaled tooth is for the tooth to feel high when you bite your teeth together. If this occurs it will cause your tooth to stay sensitive for a longer period of time. Please call us if your bite feels high as this problem is easily rectified with a simple bite adjustment.

A temporary filling may be used to temporarily seal the tooth between visits.

Be gentle on the tooth while eating until the final restoration is placed.

The gum tissue could have been irritated during the procedure and may be sore for a few days together with the anesthetic injection site.

During the endodontic treatment, the nerve, blood and nutrient supply to the tooth is removed. This will cause the tooth to become brittle and prone to fracturing which could result in the need to extract the tooth. A full coverage crown is recommended to prevent this from happening.

Proper brushing, flossing, and regular 6-month (minimum) cleanings are essential to the long-term stability of your teeth.

Do root canals always work? No! A root canal is a therapy not a cure. It has a high success rate but almost 4% of them fail. If your root canal should fail resulting in the need for the tooth to be extracted, 100% of the fee shall be credited towards the extraction and appropriate replacement, e.g. bridge, partial or implant. The patient shall be responsible for any difference in cost between credited amount and fees for the extraction and appropriate replacement.

Dentistry Within Your Budget!

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