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The Smile You Deserve!


Buffalo Prairie Dental Care is holding its 4th annual Stars and Stripes Smiles contest, open to all military veterans in need of dental care.

The contest is open for applications to be received by 5:00pm January 18th, 2014. For more information about the winner, please stay tuned!

Please see below to see actual transformations of our previous winners!


  1. Stars and Stripes Smiles is open to all veterans, both active and inactive as of 12-26-2013. Nominees must be 18 years or older as of 12-26-2013. All entries must be received by 01-18-2014.
  2. Nominations for "Stars and Stripes Smiles" are available online at www.buffaloprairiedental.com, or forms are available at the Buffalo Prairie Dental Care locations in Quincy, Illinois and Keokuk, Iowa.
  3. A Veteran will be awarded a $10,000 credit valid towards dental services at the above mentioned Buffalo Prairie Dental Care locations. Awardee will be chosen by a panel of judges representing the program sponsors, based on the essays submitted.
  4. All services granted to the awardees must be used within twelve (12) months of award. Not valid with insurance or other payment programs and award has no cash value. No payment to awardees will be given in lieu of dental services.
  5. Sponsors reserve the right to amend or cancel program as deemed necessary. Sponsors have sole discretion as to program winner's selection and qualifications.
  6. Awardees are responsible for any taxes due, if any, and agree to all terms and conditions listed above.
  7. Awardees agree that their name and likeness may be used in corresponding news releases and/or Buffalo Prairie promotional materials and media. Awardees also are notified that media sponsors are donating services for promotional use only, and have no funding or liability associated with this promotion.

Fort Madison firefighter, Chris Eastin, was one of our 2011 Stars, Stripes & Smiles winners for 2011 after 12 years of service in the Navy.

2011 Stars, Stripes & Smiles winner Jesse Henoch finally has smile he can be as proud of as he is his military service thanks to dental implants!

Jim Ufkes, one of our 2010 Stars, Stripes & Smiles winners, will thoroughly enjoy his Christmas dinner now that his lower denture is rock solid as it is permanently screwed onto 4 implants thereby eliminating all unwanted movement & sore spots!

All of our Past, Present & Future Stars, Stripes & Smiles winners have Mike Perry to thank as he was the original inspiration for our Stars, Stripes & Smiles Veterans Smile Makeover event. Thanks to Mike's inspiration, our 2009 & 2010 winners have received over $53,000 in smile makeovers!

2011 Stars, Stripes & Smiles winner, Paul Wilson, has completed his tour of duty in the Buffalo Prairie trenches with a smile worthy of a medal of honor. Paul had implants, crowns and bridges completed to permanently replace missing teeth.

2010 Stars, Stripes & Smiles winner, Veteran Zach Robb, has now survived battles on foreign soil as well as the Buffalo Girls & braces!